We will do our best to cater for all custom orders. Please email us at iconiclassics@gmail.com and we will get back to you with 24 hours with details regarding your request.

On Delivery

Before your furniture is delivered, please clear enough space for the courier to maneuver it safely into your room.

Once you have accepted your furniture and all the packaging has been removed, take a few minutes to inspect it. Make sure you are completely satisfied before the delivery team leaves If you have wooden floors, use a protective felt on the feet of your new furniture to prevent scratching

If your furniture appears out of line when it is assembled please check whether your floor is level. You may need to contact a French Polisher to adjust legs, feet or hinges as required. If your new sofa or chair has a recliner mechanism, always leave enough room for it to work. Don’t worry if it seems stiff at first, it will loosen over time. Leather furniture may appear flat and creased when removed from packaging. Use the palms of your hands to smooth the cushions and leather; once air begins to circulate, they will fall into their original shape. When positioning a free-standing wardrobe or wall unit,leave at least a 1 or (2.5 cm) gap behind them so air can circulate

  • Try to keep your furniture away from direct heat or air conditioning.
  • Avoid overexposure to sunlight in case of your furniture to fade.
  • Open and close recliner mechanisms with care and never force them
  • Keep leather sofas looking new, regularly wipe them with a slightly damp cotton cloth
  • Try not to leave newspapers lying on your suite; ink can stain the cover
  • Be aware that colour from denim jeans or non-colour-fast dark clothing can transfer to your furniture and cause discoloration if you’ve got a light coloured suite, in particular pale leather,

Naturally we endeavor and manufacture to deliver all our furniture in good condition. At Mav Furniture we are trying our best to manufacture, pack and ship our products so they arrive safely. We are constantly looking for ways to improve these standards. We also pride on having the best quality terms in the business.

It is disappointing for you and us when occasionally things go wrong. When your order has been unwrapped in your warehouse or yourclient’s room and there are signs of damage or other problem, this is what to expect:

If the furniture is useable, despite the damage, we are happy for you to go ahead and use it. Please try to use your delivery team, warehouse staff or sometimes the client himself to complete an incident report form to record the problem. We will ask you to send it via email to our appointed email address. It is important that they may also have to take photographs to accompany the paperwork.

Here is a list of the things we need on the Incident Report.

  • The original order code of this item
  • The date you purchasing it from us
  • The Item code and the label attached on the item with our tracking code on if any
  • The problem parts of the item
  • At least a whole picture of 45 degree of the item
  • More detailed photos of where how the damage or problem is

The Incident Report form will be returned to the corresponding sale in charge to forward to our customer service team. Then we will contact you and arrange to send proper parts with detailed instruction and repair the problem to manufacturing standards. If it belongs to our problem, we will express you new replacements within 2~ 7 working days.

In the event that a repair cannot be made, we will replace the furniture. The goods that are deemed faulty, a full refund shall be limited to the original purchase price paid for the unsatisfactory merchandise within 2~5 working days.

If product is damaged by transporation or unsuitable using, we’ll help to repair and charge at reasonable price.

Now that you’ve chosen to invest in some beautiful new furniture from Mav Furniture, we’d like to help you keep it looking good as new for many years to come.

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